Sunday, June 21

Here is the link to the video of the service:

While our service focused on Father’s Day / Parenting Day, we also acknowledge that it is Indigenous Peoples Day. One of my regrets is that traditional parenting in Indigenous families tends to be more humane and more effective than traditional European parenting, and our use of restrictive laws and residential schools took that away from too many families. Traditional parenting focused on the well-being of the child, providing opportunities to discover the child’s particular gifts, and an organic approach to preparing the child for full participation in the community’s life as an adult. Discipline followed the same approach as advocated by people like Barbara Colorosso: natural or logical consequences, reliance on role modeling, respect the dignity of the child, story-telling that transmitted the tribe’s story and the why of the rules followed by the tribe. We hope the day will be a good one for all families.

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