Fall 2020 Survey

Deep River Community Church Survey September, 2020:  Looking Ahead

Next year is about more than the expectation of welcoming a new minister.   Covid-19 was a major challenge and we made some pretty major adaptations, most noticeably starting our weekly on-line services.  It showed that we can change.  So this is the right time to ask what other changes should we be making to our ministry, to our role in the wider community.  The future of the congregation depends on developing new initiatives that connect with people not currently involved and providing new connections for people currently involved.

If you care about the future of this congregation and the institution that is Community Church or want us to respond to needs not being met, we need you to complete this surveyIt’s long but, feel free to skip over any sections or questions where you don’t have an informed view.

To encourage quick responses, we are providing coupons for the first surveys that are returned to the office, whether in person, through the mail or through e-mail.   We have coupons for regular coffees at the Bean House, single scoop ice cream and Slushies at the Dollar King. We offer a choice of coupon for each survey returned, and a family can return a survey for each member.   Any coupons not claimed by September 30 will be saved for other uses.

Please read the instructions for each question as they are different.  

Each person in the family should answer their own survey.

Your Age:  <18 ____    18-33 ____   34-50 ____   51-65 ____    >65 _____

A. Worship Services

1.  Which services do you attend or plan to attend? (check all that fit)

          ___ a)  Online services regularly  (2 or more times a month)

          ___ b)  Online services occasionally (1 or fewer times a month)

          ___ c)   In person services regularly (2 or more times a month)

          ___ d)  In Person services occasionally (1 or fewer times a month)

          ___ e)  Have not attended for a long time or never attended

          ___ f)   Have quit attending services for reasons of health or a move

          ___ g)  Have quit attending services by choice

          ___ h)  Watch online services for another church or other churches

2.  What are your intentions for after Covid-19? _________________________________


3.  Live broadcasts on the Web of services in the Sanctuary:  Would you like these? 

          Yes ___   Neutral ___  No ___

4.  Services in the sanctuary at another time:  If you would like a service in the sanctuary at another time, please offer a day and time: __________________________.

5.  Services in another location:  If you would like a worship service in another setting, please share where and when: ______________________________

B. Music (feel free to leave blank if music in worship services is unimportant to you)

  1. How many hymns should we include in worship services? _________
  2. Do you have a favourite hymnbook? _____________________________
  3. For singing in worship, you prefer:    hymn book ____  lyrics on the screen ____
  4. Do you prefer traditional or more modern hymns?
    Traditional ____  Modern_______Mixture_______Don’t mind_______
  5. Music versus words? (tick one)
    Music is more important____  Both matter______Words are more important_____
    I can enjoy a hymn even if I dislike the words: Yes___  No____
  6. Choir anthems (use multiple “x”s if you feel strongly; otherwise just “x”)
    How important are they to you? Unimportant___  Neutral___  Important_____
  7. In post Covid-19 times, how important is a choir in worship services?

                                                  Unimportant___  Neutral___  Important_____

8.  Other comments about music or worship:

C.  Faith Development:  Which of the following would you use?

    1.  Bible Study: __________________

    2.  Lectionary Study (discussing upcoming readings for worship):  _____________

    3.  Discussion group for a book or movie:  ____

    4.  Short on-line presentations on requested topics:        ______________________________________________________________


    5.  Membership Program (becoming an official member of the church) ____

    6.  Another program or resource: _________________________________________

    7.  Do you see a need for faith or personal development which the above suggestions do not        meet?

D. Ministry with Families and Young Adults (<35):  which of the following would you ask us to offer?  Use a 1 for programs important to you and a 2 for any others you would like to use.  Do not put in a number for any program you or your family would not use.  If you would like online resources, describe those in the “Another program” choice.

1.   Young Children (<7)

    a)  Program Sunday Mornings ___   

    b)  Weekday morning program ____    (including parent/tot program)

    c)   After school program ___

    d)  Another program or resource:  _____________________________________

2,  Children (7-11)

    a)  Program Sunday mornings ___    

    b)  After School Program ___

    c)  Another Program or resource _______________________________________

3.  Preteens to teens (12 – 18)

    a)  Sunday morning program ___      

    b)  After school program ___

    c)  Friday evening drop-in centre ___

    d)  Another program or resource: ______________________________________

4.  Young Adults (19 to about 30)

    a)  An online program: __________________________________________

    b)  Friday evening drop-in Centre ____        

    c)  Pub discussion/meetup group ___

    d)  Another program or resource ______________________________________

5.  Families

    a)  Movie Nights ___                                  

    b)  Pot-Luck Meal and Game nights ____

    c)  A version of Messy Church  ___

          (an early evening with varied craft activities, meal, and worship service)

    d)  Another program or resource ______________________________________


6.  Please add any other comments you have to make about connecting with families and people under 35 years of age including alternative worship and pastoral care options.

E. Celebration of our 75th Anniversary in 2021:  What would you like Deep River Community Church to do in 2021 to celebrate our 75th Anniversary (first service was in April of 1946) (Assume post-Covid-19)

F.  Mission of the Congregation:  Deep River Community Church currently supports missions in Deep River, Ontario, Quebec, and internationally.  We provide space for a number of community organizations.  We share in providing worship services for the LTC and Four Seasons.  We provide pastoral care for members of the congregation.

1.  How important is mission in the congregation to you?

    Very Important _______   Important _____  Lesser importance ___         Not important _____

2.  How important is mission in the community to you?

    Very Important _______   Important _____  Lesser importance ___         Not important _____

3.  How important is mission outside of the community but in Canada to you?

    Very Important _______   Important _____   Lesser importance ___        Not important _____

4.  How important is mission outside of Canada to you?

    Very Important _______   Important _____   Lesser importance  ___       Not important _____

5.  Is there another mission activity you suggest for us?  _______________________

G.  Community Building:  The Men’s Breakfast and Friday morning coffee time will restart with some changes.  We will not be able to hold our traditional Christmas dinner or the Candlelight Carol Service.  Please offer your suggestions for activities and events that would meet the requirements for resisting the spread of Covid-19.

H.  Grapevine and Communication:  We welcome any suggestions to improve our communication with members.

    1.  How should we provide the Grapevine to members not on the internet?

    2.  Please provide your suggestions for improving our communication.

I.  New Church Directory:  Should we create a new directory in 2021?  Yes ___  No ___

    If we prepare a new directory, (please tick one)
would you prefer use of a professional photographer with opportunity to buy high-quality prints_______

    or have the pictures taken by one of our capable volunteers__________

J.  Other Feedback:  Please use this space to provide any other comments or suggestions for us to consider as we make plans for the remainder of this year

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