Ladies Circle Groups

The Ladies Circle acts as an umbrella group for several groups within the church, including the Sewing Group, the Funeral Luncheon Group and the Friendship Group, which serve different functions for the congregation.Community Church Sewing Group provides an opportunity for the ladies in the congregation to get together for a cup of tea and a chat, while they do some sewing or knitting. They meet every second Thursday afternoon at 1:30 in the Christian Education Centre from September to May.The ladies make lots of nice handicrafts while they visit, and they donate much of these to the annual Christmas Tea and Bazaar which they and the Friendship Group hold every year in November or early December. This is a very popular event and raises a considerable amount of money for good causes. They also sometimes organize special events, like the Bring and Buy sale which they had this spring to raise money for the organ repairs.The sewing Group is organized by Eileen Bird, and everyone is welcome to come – bring your hand work too.The Funeral Luncheon Group organizes lunches for the receptions which are usually held in the Christian Education Centre after funerals. These are freely available to the congregational members and are provided for a small charge for people from outside the congregation.Friendship Group is a group of enthusiastic women from several congregations who meet Monday afternoons at each other’s homes . They often volunteer to decorate the sanctuary for special occasions and also participate with the Sewing Group and Circle in organizing the Christmas Tea and Bazaar

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