Music – Choir

Music is an important part of Deep River Community Church.   We often have hymn sings, guitar playing, trombone playing, guest musicians, etc. but the backbone of our music comes from our choir director, Susan Morris, our organists, Brenda Forsythe, Chris Tanner and Susan Morris, and our choir. The choir has about 20 singers at the moment and new singers are always welcome (especially tenors, who are hard to find :).  Each Sunday morning from September to June, they sing the hymns with the congregation They also sing a specially prepared anthem for the congregation every second week or so.  The choir (those who can make it and anyone from the community who wants to be there for the occasion) also sing at funerals for anyone who requests it. There are one or more special musical events during the year as well.  Beginning in October, the choir begins to rehearse the special Christmas music for their annual Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols held near Christmas.  The choir also sings carols at the Long Term Care Facility and the hospital at Christmas time and often sings with the rest of the people at the Cenotaph on Nov. 11th . Rehearsals are every Wednesday evening at 7:30 -9:30, from early September until June. If you are interested, but don’t want to commit to coming out for rehearsals all year, you can join the choir for the second half of rehearsals in October, for the Christmas music. 

Anyone who is interested in singing with the choir is most welcome – just call the church office at 613-584-2812.

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