Our Congregation

Our Congregation – Our Church

The congregation of Deep River Community Church has around 150 members. A large proportion of the people in Deep River and area originally came from somewhere else, in Canada and the world. The members of our congregation reflect this diversity. 

In particular, we are a spiritually diverse group, by desire and by “Constitution”. In the early days of Deep River (See History) a survey of the town residents showed that they strongly supported a multi‑denominational church, and so one was built. The church now officially is in friendly association with two denominations ‑ United and Presbyterian but unofficially we have quite a number of people from different spiritual backgrounds within the church. 

Membership at Deep River Community Church is enriched by spiritual stimulation, wonderful music and close and warm fellowship. The Deep River Community Church has several different discussion and/or activity groups that you can join depending on your interests.

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