Worship Services

Our in-person services resume on Sunday, June 20 with communion. This service will be led by Rev. Amanda and Rev. Sheldon Alley and Rev. Jim Kenney. June 27 will be the last service for Jim. Our AGM will be Jly 4. Due to restrictions to 15% of capacity, we prefer people to phone 613-584-2812 by the Thursday before that Sunday Service. This will not be necessary for the services in July.

We have two favours to ask of people who watch our online services. If you like a service, please click on like. This helps us connect with other people who will benefit from watching the service. The second favour is responding to a service via email to minister@drcchurch.ca or commenting on You Tube. It opens a waywe for discussions and further exploration of those ideas and alternative ideas. We are open to refining and adjusting how we see and understand things.

The service for June 13 touches on the very real need of an acknowledgement of the wrongs committed in the past against our Indigenous brothers and sisters. Something that not only needs acknowledgement but action as well. May we never forget to work towards reconciliation and love. https://youtu.be/b4DNtuPm7hs

The service for June 6 includes an introduction of the Alley Family and the message by Rev. Amanda Alley. Here is the link to the online service: https://youtu.be/yQuU_TJUx0U

Our service for May 30, 2021, Trinity Sunday, responds to the difficulty or impossibility of describing what this congregation came to call the Holy Mystery. We would appreciate your comments on the concept of the Trinity. Here is the link to our short worship service:

Our service for Pentecost Sunday, May 23, claims the apparently impossible can be done and adds the importance of growing leadership in our pursuit of the impossible. Here is the link to the online service:

Our theme for May 16 is The Good News is for Everyone. The service identifies a variety of barriers for participation in the community of followers of Jesus / the Christ and invites us to lower those barriers. here is the link to the service: https://youtu.be/Yr_xgXcG3gw

Our service for May 9, Mother’s Day, does not focus on Mother’s Day as the theme. It does include an anthem and short message related to Mother’s Day. The theme is Disruptive Healing, recognizing that healing causes changes. The reading is Acts 3:1-11 and Acts 4:1-22. Here is the link to the service: https://youtu.be/hlOL0i5QxvE

Here is the link to our online worship service for May 2, Connected to the Vine: https://youtu.be/WV_-LJu8mI4

Here is the link to our online worship service for April 25, the Good Shepherd: https://youtu.be/3r6niNt9TQA

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